13 People Who Followed Instructions Closer Than A Fat Kid Follows The Ice Cream Truck.

You’re the boss, boss!

#13 “Put the toilet paper on the shelf.”


I bet your mom is in awe that you did all of this without waking the cat. Very talented I would say.
This cat doesn’t even give a damn.

#12 “Do something about all that chewing gum, people keep stepping in.”


Clean it? Nope, I’m just the spray paint guy.
Instead of cleaning the gum off they highlighted it all to show the public just how much there is.


#11 So I asked for extra pickles today at Subway.


And this person just gave him all the pickles he had.
That’s a sarcastic amount of pickles

#10 “And what would you like on the cake?” “I want sprinkles.”


Seems like another decorator flunked reading comprehension, listening, and following directions.
They wanted a cake topped with sprinkles, but this is what they got.’

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