16 Times Life Decided To Show You The Finger

You think you’re having a bad day? You’ll smile about your day after you see the plight of these guys. Life is full of ups and downs. Many of you will agree it’s more downs than ups, but we try to be optimistic nevertheless. Here’s to that spirit.

#16 Petting Crocodiles

Petting Crocodiles
image source: www.inamag.com

Floods are a good break from routine life. If you’re frustrated with your nine-to-five job, it’s a welcome change, even! There’s water everywhere, and mother nature gives everybody a reaon to stay home and laze. Unless you’re this guy. I hope he made it out in one piece.

#15 It’s Like Confetti!

It's Like COnfetti
image source: www.guff.com

Notice the bus at the far end? Whoever’s cleaning this up is in for a ton of crap! I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemies, but you might.

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