He Brought These Plain Old Ladders Into His Living Room. What He Made? I’m Trying This!

Learn new and creative ways of using ladders as everyday objects. Impress yourself and your friends by putting old ladders to good use.

ladder rick

I have always considered myself an extremely thrifty person. Why waste something when it might be of use eventually? As an example I would like to mention the ladder I still have lying around somewhere in storage. It felt like a necessary item to have in a house. But a ladder just isn’t something that comes up in day to day use.

And so it sits in storage. Taking up space and mocking my decision of buying a good ladder because we would only ever need the one. Well, I won’t let it mock me anymore! Now that I have read these new and creative ways to utilize a ladder I cannot wait to try them. What are you waiting for? Go to the next page and show that ladder whose boss.

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