Seven iPhone Apps to Help New Moms

#7 Baby Cam

Getting the perfect picture of your perfect baby can be a bit difficult sometimes. Getting your baby to smile for the camera long enough to take a perfect picture can be a challenge. Using BabyCam’s sound button to play one of the app’s fifteen prerecorded noises – bells, drums, doorbells and songs including “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” helps. For pictures of your kids in action try QuadCamera, which takes four to eight continuous pictures and then turns them into one image. (Baby Cam $.99/QuadCamera $1.99)

Baby Cam

#6 Scribble

Well this App is definitely fun for your little ones. Keep toddlers busy on long car rides with games like Scribble, where kids use their fingers to draw right on the mobile screen. Shake to erase and then start all over again. If that fails to entertain, try BugSquash, where you tap the touch display to smash bugs as they race across the screen. The more bugs you squash, the more points you receive. Upload your own background pictures and flatten all types of insects including beetles, spiders and even bed bugs. (Scribble FREE/BugSquash $.99)


#5 Nursing Tracker

This is a very well designed app for the new moms. Nursing Tracker is designed to make the frantic first days of breastfeeding a little more organized. With a tap, record when your baby was last nursed, on which side and for how long. There’s also a stopwatch function and a way to keep track of up to six babies- good for all but the Octomom. After the nursing sessions are done, use Diaper Tracker to help you log the time and consistency of, you know. You can save your stats or upload them to a spreadsheet to show to your doctor at your baby’s next check up. (Nursing Tracker $7.99/ Diaper Tracker $1.99)

 Nursing Tracker

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