These 18 Wedding Photographs Will Surely Tickle Your Funny Bone

All of us wish to have perfect wedding pictures as it is something that happens only once. These pictures that we are about to show you are perfect but in a funny way. They will Surely Tickle Your Funny Bones.

#18 Shawn Michael In Disguise?

Shawn Michael In Disguise?
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I seriously wanna know if this bride is actually Shawn Michael In disguise. This kick simply looks perfect. One really weird wedding picture folks.

#17 Friends Reloaded

Friends Reloded
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This reminds me of one iconic scene from FRIENDS with Monica, Rachel and Phoebe in it! Such a perfect scene I tell you.

#16 The Stand Out Reaction

The Stand Out Reaction
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I think all of us should have more Friends like this. Our wedding pictures will be so disgustingly adorable then.

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