Tips To Look Younger


5. Full Brows

Lets try and be in fashion and not act old fashioned. . Nowadays make up artists recommend having full brows that look natural. It does not mean you can stop grooming your brows. On the contrary, while allowing your brows to grow out, be patient and forget your old habits of removing stray hair. If you notice a stray hair during the growing process, do not pluck it. If your brows are still a bit too thin, you can use a brow pencil or powder to fill in sparse space in your brows. We recommend using a special brow gel if your brows are unruly and need taming. Of course you can find a professional beautician who will help you shape your brows. Groomed and full brows will make you look youthful and more natural.

5 Tips And Hints On How To Look Younger


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