10 Useless and Stupid Car Design Details That You Never Noticed Before

Every car has some very minor details that you never notice. These details are so minor that they aren’t even required. Check out such details about your cars here.

#10 Those Unreal Vents And Air Scoops

Those Unreal Vents And Air Scoops
Image Source: cdn.wonderfulengineering.com/

Just because you want your car to look good, you shouldn’t add fake things in it, specially when people don’t even notice it. Someone please explain this to this car’s manufacturers.

#9  Those Tiny Emblems In Headlights

Those Tiny Emblems In Headlights
Image Source: cdn.wonderfulengineering.com/

Why will someone notice those tiny Emblems in the headlights? How does it make any sense? No one can see through those bright lights in the evenings and no one would want to see those headlights in the morning.

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