Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Presents

#9. Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries – $325,000 Ferrari

This is not one of the most ideal marriages of course! Married for all of 72 days before deciding to divorce, the happy couple reportedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars in wedding presents, including a $325,000 Ferrari from a Malaysian businessman. In the rubble of the divorce, Kim (in particular) was criticized for hanging onto the gifts. Accordingly, she announced that she would be donating the value of the gifts to charity. When she reportedly wrote a check for $200,000, really, That’s it?



#8. Kate Middleton & Prince William – Clive Christian Perfume Set

Ohh yes, it is publicly official now. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Clive Christian boxed perfume, complete with crest, is the most expensive perfume in the world. Not as flashy as a nouveau riche Ferrari, but fit for a future queen. Clive Christian is an A-list British furniture designer, who some years back, bought a Victorian era perfumery business that had been favored by Queen Victoria. Fittingly, it was called Crown Perfumery. He bought the brand after discovering a genuine bottle of the perfume underneath the floorboards of his house. The perfume costs $2,350 an ounce and comes with a box, a 24-carat gold collar and 5-carat diamond inset on the bottle. When Kate and William married, Christian presented them with his and her editions of his perfume. So soothing.



#7. Princess Diana – Boat Worth $1 million

Gifts gifts gifts everywhere. Well, maybe it was only $900,000. The Emir of Bahrain gave the blushing bride a model boat that was encrusted with diamonds. What are the chances that was re-gifted? Other gifts included a room full of Canadian antique furniture, a Canadian diamond and platinum brooch for Diana, and 20 engraved silver platters from the Australians. And the sheep-rich New Zealanders? Much more practical. They sent wool carpeting. A Royal Admiral had the job of vetting all the gifts. Unsuitable gifts or unsuitable givers were refused. A German company that offered a kitchen unit valued at around $20,000 gained favor, until they were common enough to frame the thank you letter for display in their showroom.

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