Most Unusual cars In The World

7. Pyramid Electric Car

How many cars have you seen in your life? How odd can a car possibly look? Can it go far from looking like a conventional car? Ask that to Greg Zanis and he will answer positive. The Dreamcar 123 as it is alternatively known, this vehicle is an electric car that lights up in neon colors during the night. The car can be driven for 3 hours after a full charging and consumes, no not fuels because that would be too mainstream for such an unusual car eh? Pyramid electric car uses solar and wind power to energize its 8000-pound body.

6. The 100 Foot Long Limousine

Probably the biggest car in the world that uses 100 as its base. 100 is a magical figure and it has attracted many for many reasons. Jay Ohrberg thought the same and went on to make a Limo one hundred feet long. Needless to say that the car has found it’s way in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest car ever. But what does the 26-wheeled Limousine have inside it’s 100 feet gaping hollow? A swimming pool, spa, king sized bed room and a helipad.

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