Most Unusual cars In The World

5. Brooke Swan Car

This has to be the most brilliantly designed car ever. Animals and birds have fascinated Indians and they find a lot of application as means of transport in the Hindu mythology. British engineer Robert Nicholl Matthewson, who lived in Calcutta, India was influenced by this very idea. Made up of wood, the radiator and the bonnet was concealed and given a swan’s look. The mouth of the swan sprayed steam and a valve in the back that released whitewash to give a swan’s feel.

4. Ferrari 512 S Modulo

YES FERRARI. No matter how weird a car is designed, if it comes from the Italian car maker Ferrari, it sure stirs some excitement. The car has no doors and uses a canopy styled roof to make up for that provision. The car is very low and runs at a top speed of 220 mph.

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