Most Unusual cars In The World

3. Cadillac Pool

Now have a bath while driving. That’s the kind of conversation a Cadillac Pool would have with it’s owner if it could talk but sadly we haven’t reached that far yet. But Cadillac Pool can be converted into a hot tub and has therefore become very popular. The powerful V8 engines takes care that the temperature of the water is maintained and if you want a massage, there are functional jets in the car for that as well!

2. Firebird

This car is special. Inspired by fighter air-crafts, Firebird is a two-seater wonder with a 225 hp Whirlfire GT-305 gas turbine engine coupled with a dual cylinder 10 HP gasoline engine. What’s more, there are ultrasonic keys to open the door which ensure maximum safety and drag-air brakes which only add to it!

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