Most Dangerous Rivers In The World

#8 The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is a boon for the people living around it. The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia, spanning almost 4,000 miles. It flows through a large area of China and is a major source of income and sustainability for the people who live by it. It is rife with aquatic life like Chinese alligators, porpoise and paddlefish, and it is also a major source of hydro-electricity thanks to the world famous Three Gorges Dam. But it’s not all good with the Yangtze. Due to increased industrialization over the last several years, it has suffered from serious industrial pollution, agricultural run-off and siltation. Flooding is also a major problem with this river during the rainy season between May and August.

Dangerous Yangtze River

#7 The Parana River

Parana river is 2nd in the list. The Parana River is huge – it spans 3030 miles and is the only other river in South America that is longer than the Amazon river. The reason this river is classified as dangerous River is that its southern end is extremely prone to strong currents and uncontrollable flooding. When this river floods, it brings along a deadly wrath that erodes river shores, engulfs buildings and displaces large populations from their homes. This is definitely not one to mess with at all.

Parana River

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