Impact Of The Tides In Different Places

#10 Worms Head, Glamorgan. High water 9:45am, low water 4:00pm. (June 25 2005)

Look at the picture. There is such a vast difference in both the photos. In pre tide photo, you can see the land and in post tide photo the water is everywhere.

Worms Head, Glamorgan

#9 Salmon fishery, Solway Firth. High water 12:00pm, low water 5:20pm. (March 28 2006)

The condition in the picture is the same. The difference is very much visible. Pic with the tide is completely covered by water. Vast and major impact.

Salmon fishery, Solway Firth

#8 Harbour, Berwickshire. High water 6:00pm, low water 11:00am. (August 22 2005)

The scenes are very similar. A clean and clear place completely destroyed by water after tide.

Harbour, Berwickshire

#7 Crosby, Liverpool. High water 12:00pm, low water 9:00am. (April 7 2008)

The picture is beautiful. A man standing on sand and than in water. This shows you the power of Tide.

Crosby, Liverpool

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