Impact Of The Tides In Different Places

#6 Perranporth, Cornwall. High water 8:00pm, low water 12:00pm. (August 29/30 2007)

The beach is completely destroyed by water. The divider gives us the accurate picture. Imagine the impact of tide.

Perranporth, Cornwall

#5 Cuckmere Haven, Sussex. High water 2:50pm, low water 9:15am. (August 12 2006)

At Cuckmere Haven, Sussex, Water completely covered the entire area with sand and other things during the high tide. Another deadly effect of Tides.

Cuckmere Haven, Sussex

#4 Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall. High water 4:30pm, low water 2:00pm. (August 31 2007)

Again a very god place but destroyed by a tide. The picture gives us the correct idea about the destruction and the situation.

Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

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