Impact Of The Tides In Different Places

#3 Isle of Grain, England

No prizes for guessing the change that has been brought up by the tide in this picture.

Isle of Grain, England

#2 Porthcawl, Glamorgan. High water 8:00pm, low water 12:00pm. (May 17 2007)

The difference is completely evident. The difference in the level of water says it all. Tides again!

Porthcawl, Glamorgan

#1 St. Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, Northumberland. High water 5:50pm, low water 1:00pm. (September 17 & 20 2008)

The photos are not edited. They actually exist. The difference is so much visible. After the tides, you get to see a completely different picture.

Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, Northumberland

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