10 Hacks That You Can Use To Survive A Plane Crash

Surviving a Plane crash is obviously a very difficult task. You can’t really do much in the air. But if you prepare yourself for the worst nightmare before flying, you still give yourself that little chance of coming out safe. Checkout these 10 hacks that you can use to survive a plane crash.

#10 The Minus 8, Plus 3 Rule

The Minus 8, Plus 3 Rule
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Whenever you are about to board a flight, always remember this -8 +3 rule. According to a research, most of the devastating aerial accidents occur during the first three seconds after take-off and eight seconds after the landing. Try and be extra vigilant during these crucial moments. Prepare your mind for the extremes.

#9 The Five Row Rule

The Five Row Rule
Image Source: www.cdn.wonderfulengineering.com

In order to survive a crash, you must have these crucial bits of knowledge about flights. Always remember that there is this Five Row rule in each and every plane. Always try to get your seat booked within five rows away from the emergency exit. If you don’t do so, the probability of surviving will drop.

Another Pro tip, seats towards the Aisle are safer than the window seats. So from now on, always make your bookings wisely.

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