BEWARE: If You See A Penny Jammed In To A Car Door Like THIS, Take Action Immediately!

With every passing day, thieves are becoming more intelligent. Just when you think that you’ve cracked all their techniques of committing the crime, they come up with a new way. Check out this new method that they are following to do the ill…

#3 The Thieves

The Thieves
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We have to admit that it is really getting very difficult to keep a tab on the new techniques thieves come up with everyday to steal our stuff. Just when you think that you know it all, they change the way they work. And just so that you know, the thieves have come up with yet another mastermind plan to steal your expensive stuff.

The point is that with every passing day, thieves are becoming more tech savvy. But at the same time, thieves have become more patient too. This new method that they use to steal demands lot of patience from them. Keep reading ahead to know how.

#2 The Method

The Method
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So just to steal your expensive commodities, the thieves are using a nickel or a penny. While your car door is locked, the thieves slide a nickel or penny in the door handle of the passenger side. What happens next? How does it require so much patience? To know all that, check out the video ahead.

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