Two Boys Were Digging In The Yard When They Uncovered THIS. But That’s Only Half The Story

What is the most unusual and weirdest thing you have ever found in your yard? Whatever the answer is, nothing can match what these two boys found in their backyard. Take a look…

#4 The House

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This event took place back in 1978. The house that you see in this image is the front yard of a LA home where 2 boys struck vehicular gold while digging. A new family just moved in the house. The 2 boys of that family were digging the yard and while doing it, they found something very weird.

The family called the authorities and that is when the excavation began. What the authority found gave rise to a very huge mystery.

#3 The Findings

The Findings

The authority found an insanely valuable 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS. But the condition in which the car was found wasn’t encouraging. The car was dumped and was poorly covered with towels and cloths. It was very evident that someone wanted to come back for it. And this is when the mystery started.

The obvious question that came in the mind was Who owned the car on first place? And why did they bury such an expensive car? Keep reading ahead to know the answers of these questions

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