Ever Wondered Why A Wind Turbine Has Only 3 Blades? Here’s The Technical Reason

If you have ever been to a wind farm or seen a wind turbine (I am assuming that you have), you’d know that it has only 3 blades. Do you know the reason? Well, here it is. Check it out…

#3 Things Around Us

image source: www.hydrogenappliances.com
Image source: www.hydrogenappliances.com

There are so many things around us that are left unnoticed. We look at them but don’t really observe them. But if you sit back and think, our nature prompts us to ask so many questions that we never do. Questions like why is the water wet or why is the sky blue can’t be answered by us but there are tons of other simple questions that we can answer.

Have you ever wondered why does a wind turbine has specifically 3 blades. If you haven’t ever wondered why, it’s time you take a back seat and do.

#2 Why?

image source: www.militaryaerospace.com
image source: www.militaryaerospace.com

Whenever we come across wind farms, we cannot stop wondering why each modern wind turbine has only 3 blades. Another question is that what if you add more blades to the propeller? An extra blade can make a huge difference in the mechanism of the wind turbine.

In fact a blade less can be a problem as well. There are a few major reasons behind all this.

Checkout the video ahead and you will know why.

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