Most Unusual Countries In The World You Should Know About


7. Palau

For the one’s who don’t know, Palau is an island country and is found in the Western Pacific Ocean. The country attracted a lot of states. Spain, Japan and Germany wanted to make it their belonging. Palau is popular with divers and snorkelers. You must see its coral reefs and picturesque ship wrecks that were left after battles and wars, mysterious tunnels, caves and a whole world of water life. Explorers interested in Palau should visit the state in February and March.

7 Unusual Countries To See


6. Mayotte

We won’t be shocked if you claim to be reading this name for the first time. And this is not surprising at all, because the name of this enigmatic country is hardly ever heard on TV or other mass media. Mayotte is considered quite a costly place and, if you decide to travel there, make sure you’ve got enough of money on your credit card. Visit the country between June and November to enjoy diving, sailing, snorkeling and snow white beaches.


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