VIDEO: WORLD’S Most Dangerous Unsafe Bike! Behold The 70LB Valveless JET BIKE Made By Colin Furze!

Adventure and speed is not everyone’s thing. But for the people who love it, 70lb valveless jet bike seems to be a perfect gift for them. Know more about the most dangerous Jet bike ever. Checkout the video of how it is made as well.

#3 The Expenses

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I think we have reached a phase in human civilization where we really don’t need to worry about the finance while researching or inventing something. You have an idea? Just Materialize it! This was the exact plan of Colin Furze. This Jet bike is his baby.

Activities talk louder than words, isn’t that so? Anyway, in this article we have a few recordings including Colin’s most recent development, a Jet bike.

#2 Colin Furze

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Colin Furze is famous for tons of other such inventions but Jet bike has been his most ambitious project ever. He has definitely worked really hard for this which is very visible in the video ahead.

Checkout the video ahead and see how exactly this beauty is made.

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